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Educating Professionals About Autism

Held at The Timothy School – Berwyn, PA

The Timothy School/TIM Academy has been providing this training to professionals in the application of Structured Teaching for over a decade.  This intensive program provides practical hands-on experience for educators, therapists, and parents working with children on the autism spectrum.  The TIM Academy advocates the use of research based methods including:  Structured Teaching, ABA, and Picture Communication Systems.

This workshop encourages professionals to understand and assess the characteristics of autism for each student and then develop instructional strategies to support and promote learning.  Additionally, teachers and other professionals will receive an overview of structural strategies that support students with autism and the opportunity to experience it in action by working directly with students of different ages and developmental levels in a demonstration classroom. 

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and understand the characteristics of autism

  • Explain and conduct an informal student assessment

  • Demonstrate the components of structured teaching

  • Understand how to proactively work with families of children with autism

  • Explain generalization of skills, promoting independence and community based instruction

  • Describe behavior management strategies related to autism

  • Conceptualize challenging behaviors from ABA framework

  • Learn how to match behavioral strategies to functions of behavior

FEE: $1,250.00 - The fee includes binder with all training materials and supplemental reading, daily continental breakfast and snacks throughout the day. The TIM Academy will provide lunch to all participants on Wednesday.

To register, please contact Michelle McGurl at



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        TIM Academy is an           ACT 48 provider

Please contact Wendy Moran to discuss multiple participant discounts


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