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Solutions for Teachers, Success for Kids

Every child with autism or pervasive development disorder is unique, and every day presents new challenges. That’s why teachers and other professionals need comprehensive education and practical skills to help children succeed. At The TIM Academy, we understand this because we’re teachers ourselves—each with years of classroom experience at The Timothy School, a widely recognized approved private school for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Our curriculum has been refined over the years to reflect the best of theoretical and practical training, including ABA, TEACCH, Picture Communication strategies and our own time-tested methods. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, counselor or parent, you’ll discover proven practices, new skills and the confidence to handle even the most challenging behaviors. Learn

The TIM Academy travels to Trinidad

The Autism Society of Trinidad and Tobago has contacted the TIM Academy to assist with opening two new classrooms for children with autism.  This project will begin in June 2010 as several teachers from Trinidad come to Berwyn PA for a week-long training workshop.  The TIM Academy staff will also visit Trinidad three times throughout the school year to assist with the implementation of educational services in the new classrooms. 

The TIM Academy's partnership with Trinidad began in October, 2008, when The TIM Academy traveled to Trinidad to provide a free week of training and consultation to the Autism Society of Trinidad and Tobago.  This project was sponsored by the TIM Academy Board of Directors to meet the need of parents seeking information about Autism and educational strategies for their children who do not receive the same level of educational services available in the U.S.


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