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Staff Development At Your Site

TIM Academy trainers will visit your workplace to conduct customized professional development workshops. We also provide consultative services to assess and recommend strategies for individual children or classrooms.

Schools & School Districts:

Customized workshops are offered to individual schools and school districts in the mid-Atlantic region. These classes are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the characteristics of autism/PDD disorders as well as an overview of the most effective educational strategies. Topics include definitions of autism, PDD and Asperger’s Syndrome, classroom management, structured teaching, communication, behavior management, the role of paraprofessionals, and/or working with parents. As part of this training, the TIM faculty can also provide recommendations for improving current and future autistic support programming.

Classroom Consultations:

Consultative services are available to teachers and support personnel working with individual students. These consultative services include on-going support from TIM mentors, who work one-on-one with teachers to structure classroom environments, modify materials, and implement research-based approaches to optimize student learning.

For more information on programs available at your site, contact Michelle McGurl at or Wendy Moran at

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