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The TIM Approach

Our approach is to educate teachers and other professionals on the characteristics of the autism spectrum disorders first, and behavior modification strategies second. We believe this comprehensive approach enables teachers to better understand how children with autism see the world while creating a basis of understanding on which practical skills are built.

Training incorporates the best of structured teaching (TEACCH) methods, applied behavior analysis (ABA), and Picture Communication theories as well as methods we’ve seen work at The Timothy School. What is learned is easily adaptable to regular or specialized classrooms, or in home-based settings.

Our curriculum covers:

  • Understanding autism
  • Models of instruction, including structured teaching and ABA
  • Communication and social skills
  • New and promising research
  • Conducting student assessments
  • Practical strategies and skills
  • Customizing what you’ve learned and adapting it to your classroom
  • Problem solving/working with families

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